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केंद्रीय विद्यालय बी.एम.वाय. भिलाई
Kendriya Vidyalaya B.M.Y., Bhilai.
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Welcome to Kendriya Vidyalaya BMY Bhilai || In CBSE 2017 exam ,Vidyalaya achieved 100 % result in class X th and 98.4 % in Class XII.
 Chemistry is the science of day today life -Smt F khan -PGT(Chem)--VI

Chemistry has long been a fascinating branch of science. Chemical reactions have always been looked upon as mystery and have often been employed by trickers and magicians to make money. Every single phenomenon occurring in our body or in our surroundings or elsewhere in universe involves chemistry. Chemistry is the science of day today life and this would be equally true if we say’ chemistry is the life of day today science. Whether it is the process of seeing or breathing, eating or sleeping,-• Submission of lab work reports in the form of posters, occasionally or frequently, in place of formal record books. In the traditional recording, a student concentrates too much on unnecessary procedural details rather than on interpretation of results. The poster encourages the creativity of the student, helping him to come up with a clear and precise presentation of the data and results. -Conventional Labs

Conventional lab practice can be improved within infrastructural limitations by:

1. Encouraging the students to first correlate the experiment with whatever little they have studied in theory. They should develop an understanding for why a particular experiment is being performed? How is it going to help him? Is it a verification of the concept he has already studied or is it something new he is going to do and deduce?

2. Making students understand that inspite of it